Septic System Information

Septic Tank Components


All Septic systems have 2 main components: A septic tank (settling tank) and a leaching area.  Some system have an additional tank that holds a pump that is used if the leaching area is higher than the septic tank.  All septic tanks need to be serviced.  Newer septic tanks also have an outlet filter that needs to be service with each cleaning.

Septic Tank Size and Configuration


Not all septic tanks are the same:  Tank size is usually based on the # of bedrooms in a residence.  Tanks can be single compartment or multiple compartments depending on application an age.  Septic tanks can be concrete or plastic.

Why Bedrooms?


Tank size is based on # of bedrooms because that is what determines how many people are potentially using the system.  State Code then calculates and estimates water usage and sizes tanks appropriately.   Yes:  The size of the tank increases with bedrooms so that the "settling" volume in the tank is most efficient.

What If I Have Pump Chamber


If your system has a Pump Chamber they typically do no need regular service or maintenance as long as the septic tank is maintained regularly.  If you do have a problem with the pump you can call our office.

What If My Home Is Older?


Older homes may or may not have an actual septic tank and many old homes use a "cesspool" to act as a tank and settling chamber and Yes these still need to be serviced.

How Do I Know If I Am Due For Service?


If you have gone longer than 2 years since your last service, contact us and we can help you with you next service.  Base on the condition of the tank our system then keeps track of your next potential due date.  We send reminders each month to customers that are due.

When To Have The Septic Tank Cleaned

Most residential properties in our area are on a 1 or 2 year cleaning schedule with regular household water usage.  Septic tank cleaning can be done any time of the year.  The septic tank keeps the ground thawed most of the time due to the warm water in the tank and the bacterial action that takes place in the anaerobic tank environment.  Most tank scheduling and cleaning can be completed within a few weeks.  Let us know how we can help you!  Do you have a question?  We can help, just ask. 

Where Is My Septic Tank?

If we have service your property in the past we will have the septic tank location on file.  We have been servicing septic systems in lower Fairfield county since 1923 and we have thousands and thousands of tank locations and records..  We can also obtain tank location records from the Local Health Depts.  If your tank location is unknown...we can still locate it for you.

What If My tank Is Deep?

 Most septic tank access covers are 8-14" below grade so you would never know the tank is there.  If we have not serviced your property in the past we will get appropriate file from the local Health Dept and then will confirm with you septic tank size and location, before our visit.  Some septic tank access cover are deeper than 12" below grade and in those situations the State Health Code requires that a "riser" or "extension" be added to the tank.  Access cover cannot be any deeper than 12".  Typical riser installation cost, if done at the same time as the cleaning range from $25-00-$500 depending on depth and size.  Some risers require machine digging and pricing can be quoted prior to installation. 

What Should I Add To My System

As a homeowner there is nothing that you can buy that you need to add to your system.  The bacteria action needed to sustain a properly function system and tank are present in our everyday household water and bathroom usage.  Products sold to homeowners may not hurt a system but they will most likely not help in any way.   As licensed installers we do sell our "Pro Pump" bacterial additive that thrives in the anaerobic conditions found in the septic system and helps to breakdown sludge and accumulative build up in the leaching area.  The product needs to be added to the tank at the time of servicing.  You can request the use of Pro Pump on our scheduling page or our driver will add if tank conditions dictate.  More information about the Pro Pump product can be found on their website from the link below.

Septic Tank Servicing With PSC

Septic tank servicing is quick and is done completely from outside of the residence.  No one needs to be home for servicing but we would be glad to schedule a specific date and time if you would like.  Our service truck parks on the driveway or road and then can pull hose to the access opening of the tank for cleaning.